At Woodmore, we make pallet timber, EPAL Euro pallets and more!

Woodmore is a new company led by a team with over 20 years’ experience in the timber industry and as an exporter. Woodmore makes pallet timber, EPAL Euro pallets, new one-way and custom-made pallets and birch briquettes.

The key to Woodmore’s success is also our location. Our home country is Latvia, one of the most forested EU member states, giving us access to a huge variety of high-quality timber. Latvia is at the crossroads of international trade, connecting Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. Riga, the biggest port in the Baltic States, is on our doorstep, providing convenient logistics, low transport costs and access to diverse markets.

Woodmore’s products

Woodmore offers modern, high-quality, durable products at a competitive price

Pallet Timber
Woodmore offers high-quality hardwood and softwood pallet timber. Available pallet timber treatments: 1) Anti-Stain treatment; 2) Kiln-dried timber (KD; ISPM 15). Humidity (M/C) – 16 – 22%.

EPAL Euro Pallets
Woodmore does automated production of new EPAL Euro Pallets. We ensure high-level quality control and our palettes meet ISPM15 standard.

EPAL production Licence nr: LV-005

Size: 800×1200×144 mm
Weight: 25 kg

New One-Way Pallets
The Woomdore team can make customized wooden pallets based on your drawings and budget in the sizes and materials of your choice.

Birch Briquettes
Woodmore makes RUF briquettes from high-quality birch chips. Our briquettes produce high heat with minimal ash and have long burning time. The production process is clean and doesn’t use glue or other additives.

Size of one briquette: 65 x 95 x 155 mm
Standard packaging: 12 briquettes per bag
Weight per pack: 10 kg
96 bags on a pallet
Weight on pallet: ~960kg
Moisture: 11.4%
Ash content: 0.39 %
Calorific value: ir 5.03 MWh/ton

Woodmore trucks are hitting the roads of Europe! We believe in shared logistics, so contact us any time and let’s see – maybe we can help each other out!

At Woodmore, we love the forest, and the inner peace that comes from walking in the woods. We are inspired by the intelligent creatures that live in the forest, like squirrels! Squirrels are smart, have great vision and skillfully navigate obstacles to reach their goal. That’s how we do business!

Woodmore’s export markets




Woodmore’s values

  • Flexibility. We have the flexibility to adapt to changing business conditions, and we welcome non-standard requests from our customers.
  • Care. At Woodmore, our greatest asset is our customers, and we strive to be part of your success story.
  • Excellence. Outstanding production and delivery standards and excellent long-term relationships with our partners are the keys to success.

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